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Wij fotografen fotograferen dingen die continu verdwijnen. En als ze verdwenen zijn kan niets op de wereld ze terug laten komen. Je kan een herinnering niet fotograferen.

For me life is art.
The passion to create is not just an option, but built into my very DNA. Art is not simply defined by the finished product, but by the process one pours into the very act of creating. As a young child, I had to be drawing, painting, sculpting or building something. Anything that I could call my own; my stamp, my signature, my creation. To step back and say, I did that. It is an explosion of self-expression poured out in the unending process of living. Creating is as natural as breathing. My passion for the photographic process was all consuming In 1994. Even working in the commercial arena, I have never ceased to view myself as an artist. To position myself any other way would be absurd. I believe it is this uncompromising passion to create that has allowed my commercial work to compete in the market place. I view myself as an illusionist; creating images larger than life. The photographic process is in a constant flux of change. I believe embracing that change gives me a greater option to fulfill my vision as an artist. Without question, I believe we are in the greatest age of photography since its conception.
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